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Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 09:43 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
We got the display screen fixed on the elliptical trainer, so tonight I did 26 minutes (the last minute was a cooldown). Since I didn't feel the need to watch the clock, I concentrated on making my 25 workout minutes really count, by fiddling around with the resistance settings.

I even worked out on level 4 and 5 for a good proportion of the workout. I'm a little bit funny; if I'm not perfectly at ease with what I'm doing, I get upset and it's harder to work on the upper levels for some reason. When I was having to watch the clock (because the timer was broken) I didn't like being on levels 4 and 5 because I didn't have the visual assurance that I only had x number of seconds left on that level.

Even after this short period of time, I've noticed that my arms are starting to look nicer. I've always had a sort of complex about my arms; I hate wearing sleeveless tops and even t-shirts if they're not in shape. And they're definitely not in shape at the moment, so that means the hot summer is pretty uncomfortable.

But I'm getting there. It will be so nice to get back to normal after a couple of years of one thing after another sabotaging my health and fitness.
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