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Sep. 16th, 2004 @ 08:57 am Splish, splash, I was taking a bath...
Current Mood: awake
Actually that's not true at all.

On Tuesday I went to a local Aquafit class to see what it was like.

It rocked and I didn't drown or anything!

About two years ago I used to go regularly and the teacher obviously had a martial lartist background based on the moves we were doing, after a few months I could kick anyones arse under water. Sadly he left and we got a bint in his place, the swimming pool was a dive (no pun intended) as well. The final straw came when we complained about the temperature of the pool as my friend had an injured elbow and it had siezed up because of the cold. We were told she should have been working harder to keep warm.

Anyway, the pool closed for refurbishment and they got a new teacher so we decided to risk it again.

The class itself had about 35 women of various sizes and ages in it and the exercises were fun but reasonably challenging and we got to play with fin like gloves and weights.

I'm going to make it a regular thing now because I do enjoy splashing about in the name of exercise and it actually was fun.
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